In Pursuit of Optimal Gaming Experience: Challenges and Difficulty Levels

Oyun çalışmalarına 2009 yılında bu makale ile devam ettik. Daha önce iSaga’da sunduğumuz makalemizin üstüne koyarak bu sefer İspanya’daki e=e konferansında bu makalemizi sunduk. Özeti şöyleydi:

Researchers have identified different components of game fun in the past, but the objective of this contribution is to analyze game challenges and difficulty levels, and their effects on player enjoyment and emotions.

This paper presents basic principles for designing game challenges as well as the requirements and qualities required to achieve maximum enjoyment. Special emphasis is given to the accumulated knowledge of Wizards of the Coast (and formerly TSR) in designing role-playing games. Different player types are discussed, the nature of the difficulty curve is examined, and the relationship between player satisfaction and different levels of difficulty is analyzed with a case study.

Makalenin tamamını okumak için tıklayın.

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